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Nutritional Therapy

An initial consultation will include a detailed review of your history, current food and lifestyle habits, analysis of the Nutritional Health Assessment, along with personalized recommendations. Follow ups will include continued review of nutritional habits, tracking progress with continued personal recommendations, as well as a functional assessment revealing biochemical imbalances in the body.

The functional assessment includes a palpation-based assessment that is able to flag which organs and/or body systems may be out of balance and in need of support. Depending on which reflex points are tender, lingual-neuro testing is then performed to test which specific supplements may hep to bring the tenderness rating down. From here, we can formulate a specific protocol for you moving forward, listening to the communication of your body.

*Phone consults/ video chat options also available for out of town clients

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Restart Class

The RESTART® Program is a comprehensive 5 week program, meant to give the body a break from sugar and experience the benefits of a real-foods lifestyle. It covers the simple elements of an up -to-date nutrition education covering topics of digestion, fats, blood sugar, and more. RESTART® is an empowering combination of a guided 3-week sugar detox (aka Real Foods challenge), with small group support to kick-start a healthy lifestyle.

*Online classes available

” In just 5 short weeks I was able to eliminate many uncomfortable symptoms, increase my energy, lose weight, sleep like a rock and start feeling great again – all with no medications. It was easier than I thought it would be and the support group was amazing and helped me to realize I wasn’t alone in my journey to finding a healthier me. I now look at the rest of my 40s with a new excitement and focus!” -Jennifer R., Restart participant

Health and Wellness coaching

Life can be difficult, overwhelming, and complex. Coaching is a partnership that helps to facilitate autonomous motivation and increases the capacity to change through visioning, goal setting, and accountability. This is a vehicle assisting you to achieve a higher level of well-being, and a growth promoting relationship. Together we will work to inspire and support sustainable progress to maximize your personal and professional potential.

Upcoming Events!

*This event has passed. However, recording is available to be sent to you with ticket purchase below!

How to build Natural Immunity and a strong immune system!

I will be doing an online seminar teaching all things immune health! In this event, you will learn:
-How your natural immune system works
-How to optimize your body’s natural line of defense
-What foods to start including to protect yourself from Corona an other illness
-What lifestyle factors you can include to boost immunity

Online Webinar : Gut Health

Want to know how to optimize your digestion and improve your gut health?
In this recorded webinar you will learn:
-How digestion works
-What can go wrong?
-Why you experience symptoms such as gas, bloating, etc
-How to digest and assimilate the foods you eat
-How to improve gut health
-Real solutions that you can implement today!

Hit the button below and contact me for more info on how to get full access to this gut health webinar!

Upcoming Restart Classes:

  • New ONLINE classes! Now enjoy meeting virtually once a week for 5 weeks from the comfort of your own home.
  • Next available class : TBD; inquire for details.

I’m here to help! I’d love to connect and answer any questions, or review options that would be best for you individually.

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